Effective Guidance From An Experienced Attorney

The relationship you have with your attorney is important. You should feel comfortable contacting your lawyer when you have questions, and your lawyer should be responsive to your needs. I believe in this.

I am Timothy M. Williams, an attorney in Mason, Michigan. I have over 20 years of experience handling criminal defense and family law matters. My philosophy is to have an open dialogue with my clients. My goal is for my clients to be comfortable with the decisions we make together that affect their case. Why? Because the way your legal problem is handled affects you more than it affects me.

Timothy M Williams

Educating. Advising. Advocating.

At my law firm, Law Office of Timothy M. Williams, I have three main goals:

  • Prepare you for your case by explaining the laws
  • Advise you of your best options based on my decades of experience
  • Be a strong advocate for your needs

The important thing for me to know is what you care about. When I know what is most important to you, I can help find a way to achieve it.

As a former law instructor, I know how to explain your rights and options clearly. Knowing where you stand empowers you to participate in your case. As we work through your case together, I will make sure your rights are always protected and be a voice for your best interests. When your case comes to a conclusion, I want you to be in a better place than when you came to me for help.

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Meet With Me In A Free Consultation

In a free consultation, you can explain the details of your situation to me and ask any questions you may have about the law or what it is like to work with me. Call me at 517-833-4071 or contact me online to arrange an appointment.