Protecting Your Rights Against Drug Charges

Drug laws continue to shift. The laws concerning marijuana are no exception.

Unfortunately, not only are those laws shifting, but whether they are enforced and how can often vary from one jurisdiction to another.

For that reason, you want to rely on experienced legal counsel when you are facing drug charges related to marijuana. I am attorney Timothy M. Williams, and I hold more than 20 years of experience as a lawyer. You can count on me to help you understand your rights, your options and how to choose from those options wisely.

A Firm That Values Relationships

You can turn to my office for help if facing marijuana charges related to:

  • Distribution
  • Marijuana possession
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical marijuana
  • Civil forfeiture

To protect your rights best, I work with you individually. Taking the time to work with you one-on-one enables me to provide you with legal representation custom-tailored to your needs and goals.

More than twenty-four years of experience provide me with the seasoned legal judgment you can depend on with confidence. I will provide you with the candid feedback you need in order to know exactly where your case stands.

I can help you see how prosecutors and judges in Mason, Michigan, and throughout the Ingham County area may view your case based on how they have handled previous cases in our locality. I also understand how your legal exposure in a marijuana case may depend on where you face those charges.

Going The Extra Mile

Call to schedule a free half-hour consultation with me to start the process of knowing your rights and protecting them: 517-833-4071. You can also contact my firm online.