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Criminal Defense

Being charged with a crime is frightening. When you are worried about how the charges will affect you now and in the future, it is important to work with a lawyer who is willing to help you understand the laws that are relevant to your case and what to expect from the criminal defense process.

I am attorney Timothy Williams. After more than 25 years of practicing criminal defense in Mason, I understand the concerns that many people have when they reach out to a lawyer. I will be your advocate and your educator. I will aggressively protect your rights, help you understand what you are up against, and determine what to do about it.

Aggressive Defense No Matter What The Charges

With more than two decades of criminal law experience in Michigan, I can help you no matter what charges you are facing, including but not limited to:

Finding The Right Approach By Assessing The Risks

An important aspect of many criminal law cases is understanding the risk involved in every decision you make. As your lawyer, I will carefully assess the risks associated with each decision we have to make to help you make informed decisions.

For example, many people are unaware of the risks associated with going to trial. I am a seasoned trial attorney and am willing to fight for you in front of a judge and jury if it is in your best interests, but that approach is not always the right one. I will use my knowledge and experience to make sure you know all of the possibilities.

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