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Drunk driving is a common criminal charge, but that does not mean you should take it lightly. DUI/DWI can negatively affect your life in countless ways – especially financially. If you are facing drunk driving charges, do not wait to seek the guidance of an experienced lawyer.

I am an experienced lawyer at Timothy Williams, and I can protect you from the harmful effects of a drunk driving charge. Whether this is your first charge or a subsequent offense, I will protect your rights and carefully explain your options so you can make informed decisions. From my office in Mason, I serve people in the surrounding areas of Michigan facing criminal charges.

With more than 25 years of experience and a background as a law teacher, I know the laws that pertain to your case. I will help you understand them, as well, so you can make the right decisions for your life.

The Economic Consequences Of A Drunk Driving Conviction

For most people, the worst parts of a DUI conviction are the financial repercussions. The court fees and fines related to the conviction are expected, but the economic impact can extend much further.

A DUI on your record will likely increase your insurance premiums, taking more money out of your pocket each month. If your driver’s license is suspended, it may become difficult to keep your job, leading to more financial strain.

As your lawyer, I will fight to achieve the best resolution for you. Whether that means seeking to have the charges reduced or dismissed altogether, serving your best interests will be my priority.

Exercise Your Right To Remain Silent

If you are stopped for drinking and driving, it is important to be honest with the police to a point. You can tell them your name and other identifying information, but it is best to stop there. You do not have to tell them if you have been drinking or how much you had. Answering these questions will only help the police make a case against you. If you are arrested, do not wait to contact an experienced lawyer.

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