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Ready To Safeguard Your Parental Rights

If you have made the difficult decision to end a marriage or a nonmarital relationship in which there is a minor child, your focus may be on ensuring that your relationship with your child remains strong. Establishing custody is one of the most stressful and contentious issues that couples face when they end a relationship. At the Law Office of Timothy M. Williams in Mason, I work closely with my family law clients to protect their parental rights and help them maintain a strong bond with their children.

Understanding Michigan Child Custody Laws

The term “custody” actually refers to two separate aspects of a child’s life and the parent’s role. Physical custody refers to where a child spends his or her days and nights; legal custody refers to a parent’s right to make decisions regarding important matters such as education, religious upbringing and medical care.

As with all other aspects of a divorce, it is possible for parties to reach an agreement on a parenting plan and custody issues without litigating. As long as the court determines that plan is in the best interests of the child, it likely will allow it. If the parties cannot reach an agreement about custody matters amicably, the court will consider a number of factors in order to settle the dispute. These include:

  • The child’s relationship with both parents
  • The stability of both parents and each parent’s ability to care for the child
  • The stability of the child’s home, school and community
  • The willingness of each party to foster a healthy and continuing relationship with the child’s other parent
  • The child’s preference if the court determines the child is old enough and mature enough to express it

Personal Attention And A Professional Approach

I understand the importance that parents place on maintaining a strong relationship with their children, whether or not they are the custodial parent. I take the time early in the process to thoroughly discuss objectives regarding custody, visitation and child support, and then develop a legal strategy to accomplish those goals.

Family law matters are stressful enough. You don’t need the challenge of working with a lawyer who is uncommunicative or not completely committed to your case. I will take every step possible to make your post-divorce life how you want it.

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