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Client Testimonials For The Law Office of Timothy M. Williams

“Having Tim as my attorney was very quick and easy he took time and extended his personal phone number to me so if I had any questions I could text him and boy did I have a lot lol. Tim is an awesome attorney who will go to bat with you and for you.”

– Brendon B.

“Tim is diligent, dedicated, and competent. He fully researched the case law, developed options, and gave solid recommendations. The opinions were first-rate and had the analysis to show how he came to his decisions. We went up against one of the best funded opponents and largest law firms and we won the case. Tim presented the case, stayed with the law, and was not intimidated by the number of attorneys and nearly limitless funding of the opponent. Highly recommended.”

-K. DeLooff

“Tim Williams has helped our shop and personal needs on many occasions. He is outstanding at his way of serving our law needs and couldn’t ask for a better person to handle our attorney needs. Glad to have someone that we know and trust when needed. Thanks for everything Tim and keep up the good work!!”

-A and D Repair Inc.

“His commitment to helping his clients to the fullest is unmatched.”

– Randall Snyder